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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

lunch at hotel UiTM

Assalamualaikum ..
tngh arie td ps abz clss
member aku ajk gie mkn kat hotel
kwn dye wt food srvng
then dye soh ajk agy 5 org kwn ..
trmsok aku ..
msok je kat cafe hotel uh
rse mlu gyler ooh .. huu
actually , kt situ smue stdnt ,
 and dowang ade praktikal arie nie..
ddk je kat situ , stdnt yg praktikal kat situ
dtg amek order .. mmng dilyn cm VIP
hee ..
kiteorg mkn spageti seafood mariana,moist cake chocolate
and air tea ..
mmng sdp sngt ..
and harge pown berptutan ..

num meja 36 :)

spageti seafood marianara
moist cake chocolate

thanks to my friend
coz invite me for the lunch at
hotel today ..

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